Air Transportation
Air Transportation is available to all states within the United States.  This method of shipping runs about $350.00 depending on the airline I am able to use.  All costs are to be paid by the buyer.
All fees, including shipping & price of puppy, must be paid ten days prior to the shipping date!
We do ship Chihuahuas worldwide. Usually by Delta, Continental, Alaska or United Airlines. We choose the airline, the route and the times, to keep the puppy as un-stressed as possible. Also, we go with airlines who have proven to keep our puppies safe.

Shipping usually runs $250.00 within the continental US. , and
$ 325.00- 350.00 to other countries. We ship the puppies with warm  blanket. They also have dishes, toy, chewie . The crate size is 18 x19 x 26, which you get to keep for crate training, and travel, and will fit your chihuahua all it's life. Other countries usually require puppies be over 6 months old.
All shipping fees are paid to us 10 days in advance, Airlines require pre-pay most of the time,  pups and shipping must be paid fully in advance. Two puppies can fly in the same crate, for one charge, so get two so you can watch them play together, and save on shipping, or get together with a friend, and have two pups shipped together.

What comes with your new puppy
When you pick up your puppy, it will come with a folder, with a shot/worming record, puppy care instructions, Buyer's Guarantee and Agreement, vitamin/supplement sample, puppy food, a tube of Nutrical Supplement for younger pups, AKC and Pedigrees for pups sold for breeding or show or when applicable.
Pet puppies to be neutered . Pedigrees can be copied off our website for our own adults.

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