PUPPY PRICES ARE    $300.00  TO  $3,000.00.
A $100.00 Deposit will hold your puppy and balance  is due  at least 10 days prior to  shipping. We  start booking  the puppy's transportation when  balance is paid.  Cash is required when you are coming to  pick up  the puppy, we can not take checks at pick up time.

We take only $100.00 deposit to show that you're committed to a puppy. You do not have a "hold" on a puppy until a deposit is accepted by us. We usually talk to several people about each puppy, and some people are slow to decide, or get approval from family or want to shop around. We cannot disappoint a loving person, who's ready to decide now, because you've called or visited and said you're interested. You snooze, you lose .

Our past buyers, and their friends, usually know that they don't want to buy from anyone but us at Cupid's Chi's. People who are pre-approved, or past buyers, and often have deposits in , just waiting to see the pup they want posted, get first dibs. You can do this too. Without choosing a puppy, when you're sure you want to buy from us, you can send a deposit, and get on our waiting list, then when new litters are born, or released for deposit, the first person, pre-approved, and on the waiting list, who asks for a pup, gets to hold it. This is especially nice if you're waiting for rare colors, tiniest size, or a show prospect. For instance you can tell us you want the next sable longcoat born.

Deposits, or payments, ARE NOT REFUNDABLE, but are transferable to a later litter, for any reason. Sometimes people get sick, get supervised with vacation trips, have emergency's in life, or have to relocate, while they have a puppy on hold. They don't lose their deposit, or even full payment for a puppy, they still have a credit when they're ready to choose a puppy again. Deposits are not holding two or three puppies while you decide. You cannot hold a puppy away from another buyer, unless you're committed to that puppy. A pre-deposit is just on file, ready to be used at an instant, on the puppy you tell us to hold. It doesn't hold more than one puppy, while you decide. The reason that deposits and payments for puppies are NOT refundable, is because of human nature, it's the only way we know to decipher between impulsiveness and committed buyers.

At this time, we have no way of verifying your ID. Identity theft , bad bank checks and money orders, and out of the U.S. con artists, are runaway problems. Therefore, we only accept deposits by cash or US POSTAL Money Orders, certified checks,.
Payments are made to
Kathy Gardner
PO Box 615

We ONLY accept full payment and shipping fees by cash, check, US POSTAL Money Orders,
We DO NOT take PayPal .

For approved deposits: Send $100.00 deposit  to
US POSTAL MONEY ORDER (bank moneyorders, or checks  are accepted)Please send to:
Kathy Gardner
143 Gum Street
Oakman, Alabama, 35579
(205) 622-3670
(All transactions MUST clear MY bank prior to any puppy being released, shipped or picked up !)

Please be SURE to include with your Postal Money Order Deposit , Our Health agreement signed, your Name, Address, phone, cell , email, and if we're shipping, your closest major airport. We can't accept deposits with no name attached, or address, or phone. And be sure you've called and or emailed us and gotten pre-approved before sending a deposit. If the deposit is meant for a specific puppy, please specify.

Terms and Conditions
All of our puppies are bred, born, and raised in our home. We do not broker or resale puppies.

All puppies come with current vaccinations and de-worming's.  Our Puppies get de-worming's every other week. We begin vaccinating at six weeks, and at three week intervals another vaccination is given.  Puppies need a minimum of four vaccinations. Puppies come with an avid micro-chip. Puppies are A.K.C registered.

All sales are final. Please be sure before purchasing a puppy that is will be a welcome addition to your household. Research the breed you are buying and be aware of any special requirements of that breed. For example, VERY small Chihuahua puppies are vulnerable to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Please talk to your veterinarian about what to watch for and how to respond if something happens. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!

Once you have purchased a puppy you agree to become responsible for the care and condition of the puppy. If a puppy should become ill or develop any other problem after delivery you are responsible for getting the puppy proper care to rectify the situation.

By purchasing a puppy from us you are automatically agreeing to these conditions.

If you have any questions you may contact us at any time. A copy of the conditions of sale will be given to you with your puppy.

Payment and Shipping
Our puppy prices differ from puppy to puppy, size, colors, and parentage all involve the pricing of each puppy.  Payment may be made by cashier's check or postal money order. We do not accept C.O.D.  Puppies remain in our care until sold, and until shipping arrangements are finalized. If you prefer, you may opt to pick-up your new puppy from us with special arrangements OR we can hand deliver your puppy  to you for a fee to limited locations in the US.  For the very tiny Chihuahuas this is sometimes the best way.

We ship our puppies to major airports in the continental United States or Canada.  Shipping charge is normally $250 and up which includes airfare, crate, medical check and handling charges. If you want your puppy hand delivered there will be an extra charge which will be discussed at time of purchase. If you decide to pick up your puppy directly from us all shipping charges are dropped.

Should a puppy become unavailable for any reason prior to shipping, you may choose an alternate puppy or request a full refund which will be issued within 30 days of your request.

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