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About Our Girls

The very foundation of our breeding program is our girls.  We make sure that all of our girls meet the strict standards of  the AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB .

Our girls are reviewed and monitored "prior" to being in any breeding program. We do extensive research in the pedigree's to ensure sound breeding stock in previous generations.

I take pride in breeding only sound foundation stock and knowing what is behind each and every litter produced here.

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23 Champions in her Pedigree
12 Champions in her Pedigree
"Click here to go to Hersheys Pedigree"
"Click here to go to Hersheys Pedigree"
"Click here" to go to the Home page of One Ways Miranda Of Rising Sun

"Click here" to go to  Miranda's AKC Pedigree
"Click here" to go to  Miranda's AKC Pedigree
Cupid's Crazy For "Co-Co" Puffs
Co-Co is out of Our Gino and Pudding.
Cupid's Lucky "Charm"
Her Parents are Miranda and Gino
Weight 14oz .
Our newest little lavender / chocolate blue Girl
DOB March 21st 2009
Parents are :
One Ways Miranda Of Rising Sun
Harmony's Gino Of Laud
Cupid's "Misty" Morning Blues

My little "Gem"

Weight 4.3 lbs

Cupid's Follow Your Dream's
Weight 06 oz .

"Click here" to go to "Dittos"own home page
Her Parent's are:  HERSHEY and  BLUE ANGEL
Parents are Peanut and Gino
Cupid's Buttercup
Weight 9oz .
Pedigree To return use "Back Button"
Pedigree To return use "Back Button"
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Our Specialty Plush, Lush Coats
A few of our retired girls
LC Lavender

"Plush" coat and  Darling personality!
Our Little "Dreamer"
Parents are :
One Ways Miranda Of Rising Sun
Harmony's Gino Of Laud
Her Parents are

Cupid's "Misty" Morning Blues
Wildcat's N Rising Sun Blues Rock

Cupids Sugar N Spice
LC Cream and White
Weight  3lb 12 oz
Angel Throws her "Plush" coat and sweet charm in her baby's!
Angel's Parents are Peanut and Cupid
Weight 4lbs.12oz
Peanut is the sweetest little girl and throws her lovely little applehead and short legs in her baby's
SC  Chocolate on White
Weight 10oz .
Hershey throws her personality, sweet charm and her small size in her baby's, with  great personality's!
29 Champions in her Pedigree
11 Champions in her Pedigree
Miranda is  one of the sweetest girls you ever could meet. She has a very thick double coat and is giving this all to her offspring.

Buffy The vampire Slayer
This little girl will produce tiny baby's!
DOB 12/13/2011
Buffys Parents are
Cupid's Follow Your Dream's
Wildcat's N Rising Sun Blues Rock

"Pudding" Weight 5lb.
19 Champions in her Pedigree
Cupid's First Passion"N" Wayann

Our producers of our future generations of Quality puppy's