Cupid Chihuahua's
143 Gum Street
Oakman, Al, 35579

Please print form, fill out (please print), and mail
with deposit to the address above. '
We Require a United Postal Money Order
  Any other form of payment will have a 14-21 day hold to allow it to
clear the bank before the puppy can be shipped.

Date: _________________Puppy Breed:_____________________
Puppy Sex:_____________Puppy Color:_______________________
Puppy DOB:___________________Puppy Registration:_______________
Purchase Price:________________Shipping Fee:_______________
Total Cost:________________Deposit:___________________
Balance Due:___________________

Buyer's Name:______________________

Home Phone Number_____________

Cell Phone Number_____________

Work Phone Number_____________



Zip Code:_______

Registered Owners Name:______________________________________
Co-Registered Owners Name (if one):_______________________________

Major Airport Destination:______________________________________

By sending payment you acknowledge you have read and understand the sales
agreement and agree to the following:

1)  Buyer's deposit is non-refundable and will only hold the puppy until it is of
shipping age unless other arrangements have been made with the seller.
2)  Final balance is due and payable a week prior to shipping.
3)  The puppy comes with a Limited Health Guarantee;  you must be the original
Buyer and within 72 hours of shipping have the puppy checked by a licensed
veterinarian at Buyer's expense.  If the puppy is diagnosed with a
congenital/hereditary disorder which is considered to require continual medical
care and treatment and to seriously impact the puppy's quality of life, short of
Euthanasia,  the Buyer will return the puppy to the Seller along with the signed
registration papers.  The seller will then replace the puppy with a puppy of same
breed, same sex as soon as one becomes available.   No money will be refunded.
(Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges which are to be paid in full prior to shipping).

The health guarantee only covers the Purchase Price of the puppy, we do not cover
nor are we responsible for associated costs such as, but not limited to, veterinarian
fees, animal clinic costs, or medications.  We do not guarantee color, coat, adult
size, weight, temperament or reproductive ability of the puppy.  Nor does it cover
common conditions such as, but not limited to, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or
improper bite. Our puppies are checked by our veterinarian thoroughly and come
with a health certificate.

By signing below I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to this
purchase/sales agreement:

Printed Name:__________________________Date:____________