Wildcat's N Rising Sun Blues Rock

6 Lbs of Sweetie Pie!

"About Blu"

Blu has been in my breeding program for some time, He never fails to impress me with the soundness in his pups. His pups are simply gorgeous! There personality's are darling.

Blu sires pups with large apple heads and gives allot of color in his pups. Blu is very sweet and very good with everyone. 

Blu has over all strong points in his conformation and his temperament is awesome.

Blu has a look about him that would make one believe he understands each word spoken to him, he is very regal and strong looking and he passes this personality onto his pups.

Just look into his face and his eyes, Decide for yourself if Blu is not the most handsome boy ever!

Blu's baby Pictures
25 Champions in his pedigree
Blu's Kids
These are puppies produced by this sire